main services

Connect In Person

Beginning August 12th, we will start meeting together IN PERSON in our courtyard for our Wednesday night service at 7pm!

We are planning to worship, teach, pray, and reconnect with each other! 

Wednesdays at 7pm in the Courtyard

What to expect:

- Our courtyard is sprayed down with a disinfectant on Wednesday afternoons to clean and prepare the area for our evening service.

- We ask that everyone wear masks at all times except while speaking from the stage area. We will provide masks if needed.

- We must maintain 6 foot distancing between households.

- We encourage you to bring your own chair to minimize the need to touch more surfaces. We will provide chairs if needed.

- Only one person or household may enter each restroom at a time.

- We will continue to live stream this service so if you prefer or if you are feeling unwell, you can join us from home.

- We absolutely can't wait to see you!

Connect Online

 We are currently meeting online only for our Sunday Services due to Covid-19. 

Live Stream Services

 Not being able to meet has been hard, and we are doing the best we can to stay connected to each other during this time. We invite you to join us online every Sunday morning from 10:30am to 12pm for powerful worship and a hope filled & challenging message. We encourage you to join in the comments section on Facebook to connect with our church family.

Click on the "Church At Home" button here to learn more about other ways to connect online. 

Dive Deeper

Sunday School Class

Sundays 9-10am on Facebook and YouTube

Beginning August 16th we are starting a new Sunday School with Pastor Greg Rush about the book of Job.  Join us for this inspiring and instructional time in God's word  every Sunday at 9am before our main Sunday service